I grew up on TV dinners and McDonald’s. It wasn’t healthy, but we didn’t know any better. During a ritualistic helping of chili cheese fries and a vanilla shake at Johnny Rockets, my mom told me that I would never be able to experience “real” ice cream like she had in the 1950s; today’s was an imitation.

I am frustrated that I live in a world where healthy eating and living isn’t the norm. Foods packaged in plastic leach harmful toxins, vegetables are genetically modified and “ingredients” are comprised of words I cannot pronounce. We have access to healthy and organic food, but at a price. We need to make healthy food more widely available at a more affordable price.

To me, candy is the epitome of everything that is blatantly unnatural, but something still desirable. Candy is chemistry, not food, in bright packaging, brilliantly advertised and extremely affordable. What you see here is 24.3 pounds of candy—the amount consumed by the average American each year—encased in real hog intestines. Question what you buy and consume. You are what you eat, today and for decades to come.