This is a manifesto for now.  

You are going to have to hang out with yourself for the rest of your life. With that under consideration, laughing at your own jokes and generally enjoying your own company is pretty important. 

Never apologize for who you are. You are awesome.

Support and love those around you. Family and friends are what make life worth living.

Recognize that discomfort allows growth, and will find you regardless, looking for it is probably unnecessary. 

Make time for the small indulgences that bring you pleasure. Don’t feel guilty. 

Enjoy a dance party and a glass of wine in the shower. Always find time for happiness and silliness.

You are never going to arrive at life.

You don’t have complete control. Don’t freak out. The kitchen will be messy and that is fine.

Pack yourself lunch. Delicious lunch. The power of a stellar snack is not to be underestimated.

Count time spent doing life maintenance as productive. This is foundational to mental clarity.

Welcome the new and embrace the old; neither is better nor more important. Remember what you love and never forget it.

No other person will ever fully understand you. But there is immense joy to be found in partial understanding.

Life isn't always balanced so accept the craziness. It's how we deal that builds our character and make us strong.

This is a manifesto for now.